MP Sonic Successed in R & D High Frequency Vibration Welding

MP Sonic Successed in R & D High Frequency Vibration Welding


With the two years effort of MP Sonic Technical Team, the 1st high frequency has successfully past the tests of welding trial. The welding welding frequency tested is 285Hz to three type of products which failed by other brands vibration machine, including Branson machine and Daeyong machine. MP Sonic high frequency can achieve clean vibration welding with no any material flush dust into parts without applying preheating to parts.

With the vibration frequency as high as 385Hz, the workable vibration amplitude can be as low as 0.2mm (0.1mm for each side0, which can maxmum reduce the flush cased during vibration welding.

With the high frequency vibration welding technology, it can solves much problem cased in plastic welding, such as dirt dropping into parts by traditional vibration technology, unstable welding performance and low welding production capacity by IR preheating vibration welding, limit to parts design, etc.

MP Sonic names high frequency vibration as "MSV-SF Series", which covers machine upper jig loading ability from 15KG to 70KG.