15K 4000W Ultrasonic Welder

15K 4000W Ultrasonic Welder

ZB-E1542 ultrasonic welder applies CNZHENBO digital ultrasonic system for challenging ultrasonic welding. This ultrasonic welding machine is designed with time welding mode, energy welding mode and external trigger mode for your different demand in welding operation. The ultrasonic amplitude is adjustable in range of 10~100% by 1%. Machine is equipped with multiple self-protection system. Machine finish tuning in automatic and searches horn frequency and does impedance in time to make compensation.
Technical description

I. Introduction:

This ultrasonic plastic welding machine's ultrasonic system is in 15KHz 4200W. The transducer is in double-cores design. With DS300 ultrasonic generator, the machine achieves digital control in precision, by which machine realized parameter visualization and digital input, ultrasonic amplitude adjustment, multiple operation modes, current ultrasonic frequency auto searching and tuning, phased ultrasonic amplitude operation mode, horn impedance checking and threshold control, etc.

I. Features:
1. Digital generator applied, with real time frequency automatic searching and tuning;
2. Multiple welding modes: time, energy and grounding;
3. Ultrasonic amplitude two steps division is available: Step A & Step B;
4. Amplitude adjustable for different material: 10~100%, by 1%;
5. Amplitude compensation according to the actual changeable system working manner;
6. Auto impedance analysis and protection to impedance ultrasonic sonotrode;
7. Over-voltage protection including input voltage protection and transducer voltage protection;
8. Welding result judgement (time and energy);
9. Welding record for production statistics;
11. Programmer ultrasonic welding operation process;
13. Touch Screen visualization for machine supervision and digital parameter management;

14. Machine is micro computer controlled with 485 communication, 4 cores CUP achieves fast action speed in accuracy;

15. Welding head height is adjusted by electrical motor with one-touch operation.

II. Main Specification:

1. Power Supply: 220V, 50/60 Hz, 1P, 20A;
2. Pneumatic Source: 0.5~0.8MPa;
3. Ultrasonic Frequency: 15KHz;
4. Ultrasonic Power Output: Peak Value 4200W;
5. Ultrasonic Amplitude Control: 10~100%;
6. Machine Table Dimension: 750*960*1850(L*W*H, mm);
7. Weight: 130KG