Ultrasonic Welder (Analogue System)

Ultrasonic Welder (Analogue System)

Ultrasonic welder IBW-U1820/U2615 is a table-type design ultrasonic welding machine in low power output. Machine control ultrasonic by analogue ultrasonic power supply. IBW-U1820 applies ultrasonic system in 20KHz with power output max to 1800W, while IBW-U2615 applies ultrasonic system in 15KHz with power output max to 2600W.

IBW-U1820/U2615 ultrasonic welding machine are mostly applied for plastic welding or cutting. Three power output level can be selected by switch basing on plastic material and parts design.

Technical description

I Feature:

1. EG circuit designed in reliable performance;

2. Rigid machine body design insure machine stability and duration;

3. Precision mechanical design and manufacturing;

4. System is easy matching with ultrasonic horn;

5. Economical cost.

II. Specification:

1. Power Source: 220V 1P AC 50/50Hz;

2. Air Source: 0.5~0.8MPa;

3. Ultrasonic Frequency: 20KHz/15KHz;

4. Ultrasonic Power Output (peak value): 1800W/2600W;

5. Weight: about 100KG.