N95 Cup Mask Line

N95 Cup Mask Line

This line is a semi-automatic line designed to products cup-like N95 air-dust mask. For qualified N95 cup mask making, hot pressing forming macine, filter & PP Layer ultrasonic sealing machine and rotary table welding & cutting machine are essential. The other machines can be sleceted basing on mask design. Also it also can select a semi-automatic machine to finish the rest process after it processed by rotary table welding & cutting machine are essential.

Download: N95 Cup Mask Production Line

Technical description
I. Hot Pressing Forming Machine
I-1. Application: This machine is designed to form needle-punched nonwoven into cup like shell for mask (N95) through hot pressing. This machine is necessary equipment for cup mask production.
I-2. Specification:
a Electric Source: 220VAC 30A  1P;
b Compressed Air: 7Kg/c㎡;
c Preheating Time: 23minute/130℃;
d Heating Temperature: 130℃ for nonwoven fabric; 80℃ for needle-punched nonwoven fabric;
e Production Spending Time: 7.5second for welding, 6.5second for cutting (the two acts happen the same time).
f Dimension of main machine: L1400*W930*H1800(mm)
g Dimension of material frame: L2000*W650*H1300(mm)
h Weight: about 900KG
i Capacity:40~55pieces/minute, 6pieces/stroke
I-3. Features:
Machine is controlled by PLC, operation is easy;
Each tool is with a separated material ring, escaping uneven forming due to pulling during hot pressing;
Products are cut off automatically with electronic scissor, no smoke generated, thus machine is environment-friendly;
Products gathering system is controlled by optical sensor, and products is overlaid one by one be the machine as the gathering plate move down little by little as the indication from sensor, saving labors and protecting product shape from damage due to pressure.

(For details, please refer to “Hot Pressing Forming Machine IBN-CMH6”)

II. Filter & PP layer Ultrasonic Forming Machine

II-1. Application:
This machine is used to shape-cut the filter & PP layer of cup mask. Processed Material is nonwoven fabric and melt-blown fabric with the width of 120mm±2mm.
Note: Because the filter fabric (melt blown & activated carbon fabric) can't be processed by higher temperature, the filter layer can't be formed by hot forming machine together with the needle punched fabric, or the texture of the filter fabric will be changed which will damage the filtration & infiltration and result in unqualified mask.

II-2. Specification:
a Electric Source: Single Phase AC 220V, 50HZ;
b Ultrasonic System: 1 set, 20K, 1400W;
c Total Power: 2500W;
d Dimension of Machine: L1305mm*W700mm*H1500(mm);
e Dimension of Material Frame: L2100mm*W500mm*H1720(mm);
f Capacity: about 100pcs/min.
g Weight: About 300KG
II-3. Features:
1) Machine works stably;
2) Easy operation;
3) Machine seals and cut off outlayer and separates at the same time automatically, only one operator is required;
4) High capacity at least 100pcs/min.
(For details, please refer to “Ultrasonic Out-layer Cutting & Lacing Machine IBN-CMS2014”)

III. Rotary Table Welding & Cutting Machine

III-1. Application: This equipment is specially designed to press the outer layers (melt-blown filter fabric and nonwoven) together by cold cup-like mould, seal the layers together by ultrasonic and cut off the extra material at edge for cup-like mask, after which the main body of cup like mask is produced.
III-2. Specification:
a Overall Dimension: L 1620*W1420*H1950(mm)
b Ultrasonic: power 3200W;frequency 15KHZ
c Power of Motor System: 2000W
d Electric Source:Input 380V AC; output 220V AC
e Compressed  Air:6-8kg/cm2
f Capacity:12~16Pieces/minute
g Weight:  About 600KG
III-3. Features:
Ultrasonic module is fixed by boards, machines is stable, preventing power loss.
Straight line guide is applied; ultrasound pressing is accurately, stably in balanced manner.
Cut edge with hydraulic, the edge is neat and beautiful, and no need to change cutter frequently.
Edge cutting module is equipped with spring structure; horizontal balance adjustment is automatic;
The rotary table is supported by stainless steel column, machine is durable running stably, avoid the uneven force due to wear after long-time work.
(For details, please refer to “Rotary Table Cold Pressing and Cutting Machine IBN-CM3200NL”)

IV. Punching Machine

IV-1. Application:
This machine is used to punches for Exhalation Valve of cup mask
IV-2. Specification:
a Overall dimension: L520mm*W420mm*H710mm
b Electric Source: 220/380V, AC
c Punching Motor Power: 0.45KW
d Nominal Capacity: 20KN
e Strokes Per Minute:max to 220 Stroke/Minute
f Weight: About 130 KG

V. Ultrasonic Welder for Exhalation Valve:

V-1. Specification:
a Model: HW-2014;
b Power Source: 220V 10A 1P
c Pneumatic Source: 0.4~0.6KG
d Frequency: 20K Hz;
e Power Output: 1400W;
f Welding Capacity: φ150m/m;
g Dimension (mm): 425*630*920
h Weight: 90Kg

VI. Nose Clip Welder

VI-1. Application:
Hot Stick Nose Clip to Cup Like Mask (N95), which applies heating device (no need to pre-heat) to heating stick directly metal clip to mask.
VI-2. Specification:
a Overall dimension: L550mmXW550mmXH1100mm
b Electric Source: 220V AC, 50Hz
c Power: 600W
d Max Worker Time: More Than 300℃
e Compressed Air: 0.3~0.6Mpa (3~6Kg/cm2)
f Weight: About 35KG

VII. Ear-loop Welder (the model is additional)

VII-1. Application:
It is specially used to weld ear-loop of masks; it also can be applied on the spot welding of non-woven products or plastic products.
VII-2. Specification:
a Ultrasonic:Power:300W;Frequency:28KHZ
b Electrical Source:220V AC
c Capacity: Depends on the skill of operators
d Compressed Air:3~4kg/cm2

e Weight: About 40KG

Download:N95 Cup Mask Production Procedure