Servo Hot Plate Welder

Servo Hot Plate Welder

MSH-8060S hot plate welder is designed for thermoplastic joining in big size by electrical heating. The max hot plate welding square is 800*600 (mm). Machine jig action is controlled by three sets of servo motors in high precision. This machine is especially suitable for washer balance ring welding.
MSH-8060S hot plate welding machine applies Siemens PLC to control machine sequence. Siemens HMI is applied to set parameters and supervise machine operation manner. The temperature is PID controlled with PLC temperature module in stability and accuracy. Through change MP Sonic specially designed heating power supply control system, infrared welding can be realized on this machine.
Through change temperature control system, it can achieve non-contact plastic welding by infrared system. Machine control temperature by temperature modules of PLC. All machine parameters is set on HMI.
Technical description
I.Standard Features:
1.Powerful servo control system in high precision, jig action speed is step control to achieve accurate hot platen welding control in divided phases;
2.Machine fast motion is especially good for low temperature hot platen welding;
3.Thermoplastic melting temperature is PID controlled, the welding temperature is controlled in stability and accuracy;
4.Error Heater ID is detected and indicated on screen for quick fault-shooting.
5.Formula feature system for parameters storage, when change-over hot plate welding tooling, it is easy to recall related welding parameter by select the relative parts ID;
6.Storage for welding record, alarm message record and fault record for future history check, helping factory SPC control;
7.Light fence at front operation window as well as safety doors at other sides equipped for human security all around;
8.Programmer auxiliary function of jigs to welding process including vacuum holding, slide block to base fixture, cylinder clamping, cylinder ejector, parts detection, etc;
9.Programmer welding process help achieve excellent hot plate or welding result.

II.Optional Feature:
1. Auto security at front door;
2. Auto jig loading system for quick tooling change-over;
3. Extra heating system for external preheating to hot platen;
4. Touch panel SPC;
5. E-tech module;
6. Auto electrical plugs and air connectors for welding tooling;
8. Automatic recognizing welding tooling to recall welding parameter automatically;
9. UPS;
10. Vacuum pump instead of vacuum generators;
11. External accessories detection to avoid welding unloading small parts;
12. GT I/O port to confirm parts loading location in precision.


1.Power Supply: 380V 3P  50/60Hz;
2.Air Supply: 0.5Mp;
3.Overall Dimension:L1550*W2200*H2562 (mm);
4.Jig Base Plates: 880*650 (mm);
5.Suggested Welding Square: =<750*600 (mm);
6.Max Welding Square: 800*600(mm);
7.Jig Transmission: High Precision Screw Bar;
8.Hot Platen Transmission: Gear Bar;
9.Clips Number: 4+4;
10.I/o for Accessory Detector 6+6;
11.Cavity Parts Detector: 2+2;
12.Temperature Zone: 8 Sets.