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Why Choose Vibration Welding

by Alex Lee from MP Sonic


Linear vibration welding is applied widely since its significant advantages comparing to others welding method.

High welding possibility: vibration welding is working to the most type of challenging material with very good welding result, such as PA+GF or minerals content, which no bonding or poor joining strength if welding by hot plate.

Vibration friction welding realizes melting to material at interface only without heating to others area or parts, which is very difficult to carry out by hot plate or infrared welding to some parts with limit space to design heat radiation distance.

High welding ability: vibration welding is a flexibility thermoplastic joining method fit for the most challenging part complex geometric measurement and design.

Strange & welding result: vibration welding rib width can be more than 10mm, and the welding depth can reach to 2.0mm. Vibration welding result achieve more than 95% strength of part in the same material and 100% air-tightness;

Easily realize the rectification to parts deformation: before plastic material is molten by vibration friction, machine force plastic part halves together by high hard pressure with jigs for alignment, achieving the best parts assembly compacity, which is very difficult realize by hot plate or infrared, especially the parts in big measurement whose deformation is very big.

High efficiency: vibration welding no need to wait for warm up (such as hot plate welding requests pre-heating), and normally vibration operation time is under 20S, which can carry out 3~4 welding per minutes. Vibration welding tooling change-over is easy, which can be finished in minutes, it no need to re-adjust welding tooling after welding tooling change-over.

Economical application cost: vibration system transfers electrical part into welding energy in high ration, and it no need power consumption to keep high temperature when welding operation stops.

MP Sonic vibration welding machine optimized the technology of vibration system, welding force system, operation system and safety protection system, provides clients with machine in perfection welding result and reliable quality.

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