Infrared Welder MSH-13075

Infrared Welder MSH-13075

MSH-IR13075 is a infrared plastic welding machine designed by MP Sonic in large specification for big size parts welding, such as fuel tank of truck.
Machine applies specially designed infrared control system by MP Sonic to control heating, which can be applied for hot platen welding also. Machine applies servo motors systems to control toolings moving and force pressure to welded parts during operation in fast and accurate action. Linear ways are applied for tooling moving guide. The jig bed for upper fixture and lower fixture is made by cast-steel plate in anti-deformation, ensuring machine stability in long duration.

Technical description

I. Machine Features:

1. PLC control machine sequence;

2. HMI set machine;

3. Servo Control machine action;

4. Linear way guided tooling action;

5. MP Sonic Designed IR control system by current adjustment;

6. 8 sets of temperature control zooms;

7. Cast-steel jig bed;

8. Auto lubrication system applied;

9. Formula System for welding parameters storage;

10. Welding record system;

11. Accessibility for tooling including vacuum, sliding block, clip, ejection, etc;

12. I/O condition displaying system to show machine current condition;

13. All-around safety protection system including auto door at operation window, optical fence, safety door at two sides and rear, E-stop buttons, alarm system, etc;

14. Alarm system for machine error with source of error displaying on HMI;

15. Remote service system.

II. Optional Features:

1. Auto Tooling change-over system;

2. UPS;

3. Printer.

III. Specification:

1. Model: MSH-IR13075;

2. Power Source: 380V, 3P, AC, 50/60Hz;

3. Air Source: 0.6~0.8Mpa;

4. Machine Dimension: L2450*W2100*H2950 (mm);

5. Power: 47KW;

6. Welding Area: L1200*W700mm);

7. Jig Plate Area: L1300*W750 (mm);

8. Working Room Temperature: 10~40℃;

9. Working Room Humidity:5~80%;

10. Weight: About 5.5T.

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IV. Infrared welding video