Rotary Table Sealing & Cutting Machine for N95 Cup-like Mask

Rotary Table Sealing & Cutting Machine for N95 Cup-like Mask

Rotary Table Sealing & Cutting Machine for N95 Cup-like Mask

IBN-CM320 is a semi-automatic machine designed to seal different fabric layers together and cut off waster material around mask. Machine is 4 process-stations design, it indexes between stations by rotary table in precision. Machine seal needle punching layers together with filtration layers and PP layers together by 15KHz ultrasonic system in power output 4200W. Before ultrasonic cutting, pre-fitting to mask layers is forced by cylinder pressing to ensure mask layers in good fitting manner. After ultrasonic welding, high pressure cold cutting module is applied to cut off waster material to get neat edge. Optical sensor detects mask before action, if there is no mask loaded into any base mould, process module will not activate when the related base mould reach the related station.

IBN-CM 320 rotary table sealing & cutting machine is essential for the production of cup-like mask in N95 or higher standard.

Technical description

I. Material Process Flow:

II. Machine Feature Designed:

> 15K 4200W ultrasonic seal in firmly. Ultrasonic head is in rigid design insure stability. Linear way is applied to ensure precision motion of ultrasonic head.

> Pre-fitting by pneumatic systems is designed to ensure mask layers in neat fitting together.
> Cut edge with hydraulic which is with much more strength than air pressure the edge is neat and beautiful, and no need to change cutter frequently, help to save time and reduce cost.
> Edge cutting module and cold pressing module are equipped with spring structures; horizontal balance adjustment is automatic, which helps to reduce the waste of material and save time, thus reduce the cost and increase the production efficiency.
> Optical sensor is applied to detect mask loading. If no mask loaded into any base mould, the related process station will not active motion when empty base mould reach to.

III. Specification:
1. Power Source: Input 380V AC; output 220V AC
2. Air Source:  6-8kg/cm2
3. Index motor power: 2000W
4. Ultrasonic System: 15KHz, 4200W;
5. Overall Dimension: about 1620*1420*1950mm(L*W*H)
6. Capacity:12~16Pieces/minute
7. Weight: 500KG


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