Cup-like Mask Hot Forming Machine

Cup-like Mask Hot Forming Machine

IBN-CMH6 is an full automatic mask forming machine for cup-like mask with electrical heating.. This machine is applied to cup-like shape from Needle punched fabric under pressure. The forming temperature is  80~150℃, the temperature is adjustable basing on material condition.

Machine sequence is controlled by PLC to control sequence. Machine finishes material feeding-in, hot forming, cutting and collection in automatic action. Automatic mode and manual mode are available.

Technical description

I. Machine Consists of:

1. Material frame: automatic feeding-in units, material detection system, pre-pulling module;

2. Main machine: hot forming module hot forming moulds, pre-fitting module; clamp module, electrical cutting module, automatic collection module.

II. Features:

This is an essential equipment for the production of mask in N95 or higher standard, with features as below:

1. PLC control with automatic operation, with advantages of high capacity and requests one operator only;

2. Independents material feeding to independent hot forming mould, with pre-fittting system, the material hot formed is even;

3. Electromotive cutter is applied to cut off mask formedno smoke cased, it is no harm to operator and no pollution to environment, as well the because cutting is in automatic running during hot forming to the next forming, the working efficiency is high.

Automatic gathering system is design to help produces collection. During operation,  products is overlaid in neat one by one while the gathering pan is descending little by little under the indication by output sensor. It does not only saves labors, but also protects product from distortion due to pressure.

4. Automatic collection system applied to gather masks formed. When mask output, it is overlaid in order one by one automatic, and the tray level is auto-adjusted during the makes height changing. It increases the working efficiency and protects masks from deformation by pressure.

III. Specification:

1) Electric Source:220VAC , 42A, 1P

2) Air Source:7Kg/c㎡;

3) Power Consumption: about 10KW

4) Mould Pre-heating Time: A. 12Mins/80℃ B.  23Mins/130℃;

5) Forming Temperature: 80~130℃, adjustable;

6) Process setting time: 7.5S for heat forming 7.5s, 6.5S for cutting material,two process processing at the same time.

7) Capacity: 35~45PCs/Min, 6PCs/Stroke;

8) Main Machine Dimension: 2000L*1150W*1600H;

9) Material Frame Dimension: 1900L*1500W*1600H;

10) Weight: about 900KG;

Hot Forming Machine for N95 Mask

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