Blank Mask Making Machine

Blank Mask Making Machine

IBM-BM100 is a machine designed to make blank mask. Machine finishes fabric folding, nose wire inserting, fabric sealing by and mask cutting by automatic. Machine converting is driven by motor with step-less regulating. The production capacity max to 120PCs/min in quality depends on fabric specification and mask design. Two sets of ultrasonic system in 20KHz are applies to seal fabric around masks.

Technical description

I. Material Process Flow:

II. Features:

 1. Rigid & rustproof machine design for long machine duration  in stability;

2. Material position adjustment designed;

 3. Automatic nose wire inserting by independent feed-in motor. Nose wire length is adjustable in accuracy;

4. Long side folding and sealing is adjustable designed for different mask width design;

 5. Two separate ultrasonic systems applied to seal mask longer side and shorter side. separate sealing designed achieves stability and perfect sealing performance;

6. Adjustable folding mechanism design for different mask folding design;

 7. Inserting cutting blade design, it does not requests to change the while cutting roller when blade worn, blade replacement cost is low;

8. It is easy to change rolling mould when different size mask need to make.

III. Specification:

1. Power Supply Single phase 220V 15A

2. Overall Dimension3680*700*1500mmL*W*H

3. Capacity80~120 pieces per minute

 4. Mask Measurement:

1) Length of mask120210mm

2) Width of mask8095mm

3) Length of nose wire100140mm