Automatic Mask Inner Earloop Machine

Automatic Mask Inner Earloop Machine

Mask  earloop machine IBN-NR1612 is designed to attached earloop onto blank mask in automatic operation. It is suitable for inner earloop design mask production. Automatic edge bonding feature is designed to make mask for medical application standard.

This inner earloop & dege bonding machine applied servo motor to conveying mask in accurate during production. Servomotors are applied to feed-in bonding material in precision length. Earloop length is adjustable  by mechanisms. 20KHz ultrasonic systems from MP Sonic Korea in excellent performance and reliable quality are applied for earloop welding and edge bonding.

Technical description

I. Material Process Flow:

II. Features:

Rigid machine frame design and fabrication in rustproof design;

Mask conveying controlled by servo motor with pallets in precision;

Rail guided for mask conveying in smooth sliding;

Cylinder positioning mechanism ensures mask will not move during operation to ensure accurate earloop welding and edge bonding;

Adjustable earloop curler design to realize the adjustment of earloop length;

Bonding material is fed-in by servo motor with optical sensor to ensure material length;

Optical sensor is applied to count output.

20KHz 2500W ultrasonic system from MP Sonic Korean achieves strong power output in stability and reliability.

III. Technical Parameters

1. Power Source: 220, 1P, 50/60Hz;

2. Air Source: 0.6~0.8MPa;

3. Dimension2160mm*900mm*1600mmL*W*H

4. Output Capacity50~60 PC/Min

IV. Mask Specification(Adult, Child):

1. Length of mask blank175mmadult)、145mm(child)

2. Width of mask blank9095mm

3. Length of ear-loop

Adult-170mm(max including welding spot)

Child-150mm(Max including welding spot)adjustable;

4. Edge Boding Material:wide20mm

5. Edge Boding Material ringinner diameter70mm; outer diameter max to 600mm.