28KHz 300W/500W Ultrasonic Handgun

28KHz 300W/500W Ultrasonic Handgun

Ultrasonic welder IBW-A3028/A5028 is a ultrasonic handgun for plastic spot welding, ultrasonic stacking or cutting. This ultrasonic handheld machine applies analogue ultrasonic generator IC controlled the power supply to ultrasonic converter. Machine ultrasonic frequency is 28K, the power output of IBW-A3028 is 300W and the power output of IBW-A3028 is 500W

Handheld ultrasonic welder can be applied for plastic spot welding or plastic stacking, plastic riveting, etc. It is most applied for automatic, especially the manual assembly to the interior of automotive door.

Technical description

I Features:

  1. Machine consists of generator and hand-held welding head only, it is easy to shift;

  2. EG designed analogue IC designed, machine system performance is stable in reliability;

  3. High ultrasonic power output with strong welding ability;

  4. Economical cost;

  5. Light weight & small size for easy carrying, taking small space;

  6. Air cooling blower is available.

II. Specification:

 1. Power Source: 220V 1P AC 50/60Hz;

 2. Ultrasonic frequency: 28Kz;

 3. Ultrasonic power output: 300W/300W;

 4. Weight: About 6KG.