Ultrasonic Metal Welder

Ultrasonic Metal Welder

JS-2032 is an ultrasonic welding machine designed by MP Sonic for metal wire splicing or thin metal sheet welding. Machine applies 20KHz IGBT ultrasonic system in 3200W for jointing metal material in strong and stable power output. Machine provides time mode and energy mode for welding control basing on requirement to optimize welding result. Adjustable amplitude meeting different material welding application.

Machine designed in high motion precision to ensure welding performance, depth control is available as optional feature for high welding requirement.

JS-2032 is mostly applied for electrical wire splicing, metal sheet welding, etc, fit for copper, aluminum, nickel sheet, etc.

Technical description

I. Feature:

1. IGBT ultrasonic system applied with real time frequency auto tuning;

2. Two welding control mode: time mode & energy mode;

3. Adjustable ultrasonic amplitude control in 10~100%, by 1%;

4. Ultrasonic output two phase control is available;

5. Welding record for production statistics;

6. Welding result judgement assists the quality management;

7. Multiple protection: overload protection, high voltage protection, threshold valve protection, etc;

8. Impedance analysis function to ultrasonic horn;

9. Micro computer controlled with 485 communication, 4-cores-CUP achieves fast reaction speed in accuracy;

10. Four linear ways in high precision applied achieves repeat motion in high precision;

11. Micro adjustment design for welding depth control in precision;

12. Ultrasonic welding head in strong and precision design to ensure machine stability and accuracy;

13. Air blower is equipped with machine for fast cooling after welding.

II. Optional Feature:

Dept control mode by linear sensor for advanced welding control.

III. Specification:

1. Model: JS2032;

2. Power Source: 220V, 1P, AC, 50/60Hz;

3. Air Source: 0.6~0.8MPa;

4. Ultrasonic Frequency: 20KHz;

5. Ultrasonic Power Output: max to 3200W;

6. Air: 0.6~0.8MPa;

7. Weight: Machine is 75, generator is 8;

8. Dimension: 340*620*430 (mm);

9. Cylinder: Ø100*25mm.