Autoatic After-Process Machine for Cup Mask

Autoatic After-Process Machine for Cup Mask

This machine is designed to process the latter production procedure of cup mask including: nose clip attaching, labeling, headband attaching and exhalation valve installing. Machine operation can be in full automation since raw material in still final mask output.

Because of the different design of cup mask, machine construction design might be some modified finally basing on requirement.

Technical description

I. Features:

1.Nose clip welding uses heat welding method which usually takes long time. Two stations are operated at the same time, which can save time.

2.Mask information adopts pad printing method. By changing different pad printing molds, the mask information can also be changed accordingly.

3.20KHZ ultrasonic welding is applied on headband welding. The ultrasonic system adopts MP Sonic system (South Korea), which is stable and efficient with strong power output and firm welding.

4.The exhalation valve uses ultrasonic punching. During the punching process, ultrasonic bonds different layers together at the punched hole edge. The punching effect is more beautiful, which is convenient for subsequent assembly, and the operation is more precise and the error is smaller.

5.The automatic welding of the exhalation valve uses ultrasonic welding. The oscillation system for feeding-in is independently designed by Zhenbo. The ultrasonic welding horn is equipped with an automatic correction device. If the welding direction is wrong, this function can correct it.

6.Material loading and unloading are automatically completed by the machine, which can save manpower.

7.The station movement inside the whole machine station adopts servo control, which is efficient, stable and high precision.

8.This machine has a remote diagnosis function via internet to facilitate remote service.

9.Sensor detection function of this machine has a self-diagnosis function. When the machine has malfunction, it can do self-diagnose and display the diagnosed problem on HMI. HMI I/O status can display the working status of the machine clearly.

10.The machine system has a login account authorization function. Technicians, maintenance personnel, and management personnel have different permissions to facilitate operation and management.

11.High stability and low failure rate.

12.Panasonic PLC programming control, Panasonic servo drive, high degree of automation.

13.Photoelectric detection of raw materials to avoid errors and reduce waste.

II. Specification

1. Power Source: 220V AC, 1P, 50~60 Hz;

2. Air Source: 0.6~0.8MPa;

3. Dimension: 4970**1660*2135 (mm);

4. Weight: about 2000KG;

5. Power Consumption: about 21KW;

6. Capacity: 25~35PCs/Minute (basing on material);

III. Optional Function:

    Automatic mask loading.

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