SF Series High Frequency Vibration Welding Machines

SF Series High Frequency Vibration Welding Machines

MSV-SF Series linear vibration welders is designed and manufactured by CNZHENBO|MP Sonic with the newest vibration welding technology, SF-Series VW system. SF-Series VW system means super-high frequency vibration welding system. The system provides working vibration frequency max to 365Hz, provide the perferct vibration welding performance.

Besides the super high frequency, MSV-SF Series welding machine covers all features of MSV-LS series VW mchine.

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Technical description

MSV-SF Series vibration welding machine welding machine applies the newest Joining technology, SFVW technology, developed by CNZHENBO|MP Sonic to realize the excellent vibration plastic welding.

SFVW means super-high frequency vibration welding technology.  SFVW system realizes vibration welding with frequency as high as 365Hz, which is around 100Hz higher than the traditional vibration welding frequency. With the super-high frequency, thermoplastic parts can case enough energy by linear vibration friction to melt material in amplitude as short as 0.2mm, which reduce the limit to parts geometric design and material dust generated by friction.

SFVW technology normally is applied for welding parts in high requirement of outlook or complex geometric design, especially the best choice for automotive lamp welding.

MSV-SF series vibration welding can be forced by hydraulic system or servo motor system. Machine applies MP Sonic intelligent operation system to control, providing machine with multiple function to meet different requirement by different material characteristics or geometric design.

I. Technical advantage:

A. Realize cleaning vibration welding without pre-heating, comparing traditional CVT in lower frequency, it is with advantages of high efficiency, high stability in welding performance, lower power consumption and lower welding tooling cost; while comparing with synchronized laser welding, it with the advantage of lower equipment cost, lower maintenance cost and lower limit in plastic material;

B. SFVW can realized vibration welding with slope angle max to 45, minimizing the limit to products geometric design;

C. With high frequency max to 365Hz, SFVW realize welding in amplitude as short as 0.2mm, which minimizing the space requested on parts design for vibration, making it more easy for products design.

II. Main Features:

Covers all features with MSV-LS series vibration welding machine.

III. Optional Feature:

  -S: pure servo control to lift-table Servo Motor.

III. Technical Parameter Sheet.

IV. Machine Measurement Layout.