Hybrid Vibation Welders, with Infrared System

Hybrid Vibation Welders, with Infrared System

MP Sonic vibration welder with IR (infrared) pre-heating system is developed for cleaning vibration plastic welding. As IR pre-heating type cleaning vibration welding technique is traditionally called as CVT (Clean Vibration Technique), which applies infrared heating system to pre-heat thermoplastic material at welding area before vibration to case little melting at the surface of welding area aiming to preventing material crumbs or dust cased by friction under pressure.

Technical description

Infrared pre-heating vibration welding normally applied for welding of machine which is hard and fragile but with high melting points, such as PC material. It mostly applied for the welding of automotive tail lamp.

MP Sonic develop IF pre-heating type vibration welding basing on 40KG machine (MSV-650 Series) and 70KG Machine (MSV-730 Series) for standard machine specification. And for special demand by customer, we can design IR preheating system to the others specification according actual technical requirement.

I. Main Features:

1. Machine covers all features of MSV-LS series machine features;

2. Realize cleaning vibration welding by IF preheat system. Machine IR power supply system is specially designed by MP Sonic, supplying IR heating tooling with high power and controlling preheating temperature in stability and accuracy.

II. Paid Optional Feature

1. Upgrade to SFVW system (super high vibration welding system);

2. Lift table pure electrical servo motor control.

III. Specification:




Vibration Head

Weight upper tool

70 Kg

40 Kg

Welding area(approx. / for PP)

450 ㎠

200 ㎠

Amplitude(peak to peak)

0.8~1.8mm / 0.3~1.2mm


210~280Hz / 210~365Hz

Spring Quantity

4 PCs

Magnetic Quantity

2 Pairs

1 Pairs


Machine Size : Width

2705 mm

2605 mm




2290 mm

2290 mm

Front Door Opening : Width

1500 mm

1400 mm


745 mm

745 mm

Drive Platen/upper : Width

1140 mm

870 mm


520 mm

440 mm

Lift Table Size : Width

1500 mm

1300 mm


600 mm

600 mm

Table stroke/Max.

500 mm

500 mm

Max. distance between lift table & Vibration head

735 mm

Table speed

250 mm/s

Clamp force

25.5 KN


Hydraulic System

Servo Pump (oil Pump is Sunny Brand)


≒6,000 kg

≒4,000 kg

Sound pressure level



Main voltage(3P)/In put


Power consumption

47 KVA

23 KVA

Maximum Power/Out Put

30 Kw

15 Kw

Control Voltage

DC 24V

IV. Machine Measurement Layout: