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Technology Application in Automotive Industry

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Vehicles as the traffic tooling, in nowdays, has been essential to almost families, single person, companies or organizations.The demand of automotive is in high speed increasing not just on the quantity of vehicles, but also on the features and performance, etc, thus the manufacturing of automotive as well as automotive parts requests more and more complex and challenging production procedure.

To automotive manufacturing, we provide cutting & welding to automotive parts production for both exterior parts and interior parts, with our technology in ultrasonic system application, friction welding, hot plate or infrared welding, laser system application, as well as automation system and intelligent system. Out Equipment are applied for automotive manufacturing mainly as below concerned as examples:

iBORTECH | MP Sonic equipment and technology is provided for automotive industry mostly for engine room parts, fuel system parts, interior parts and exterior parts.

I-Engine Room Parts

A. Engine Cover welding with Vibration Welder;

B. Air Inlet Manifold welding with vibration welder;

C. Air Duct welding with vibration welder / hot platen welder / IR welder/Spin Welder;

D. Expansion Tank welding with hot platen welder/IR welder / vibration welder;

E. Washer Tank welding with hot plate welder / IR welder;

F. Brake Oil Tank welding with hot platen welder / IR welder/Vibration Welder / Spin Welder

G. Battery welding with ultrasonic plastic welder / ultrasonic metal welder;

H. Engine Room Cover processing with ultrasonic spot welder;

G. Resonator welding with vibration welder;

K. Carbon Tank welding with spin welder or vibration welder;

L. Filter welding by vibration welder / IR welder / Spin Welder, etc;

M. Separator welding with vibration welder.

II-Fuel System Parts:

  A. Fuel Tank processing with drilling system & hot platen welder/IR welder;

  B. Oil inlet pipe processing with cutting / drilling system & hot plate welder / IR welder/spin welder.

II-Interior Parts

III-1. Instrument IP System Parts:

  A. IP Retainer welding with ultrasonic welder / vibration welder;

  B. Air Channel Installation processing with vibration welder;

  C. Air Bag Installation processing with vibration welder/milling;

  D. IP Sun Load Bezel welding by ultrasonic

  E. Instrument Housing assembly welding with vibration welder;

  F. IP Defrost Nozzle welding by ultrasonic

  G. IP Screen Bezel Installation processed by ultrasonic stacking / heat stacking;

  H. Glove Box & Glove Box Lid Assembly welding with vibration welder / hot platen welder / IR welder;

  I. Soft Surface Cover Trimming with robotic ultrasonic cutter;

  J. Soft Cover Material Weakening for Safety Air Bag by robotic ultrasonic cutter

  H. Air Conditioner Cross Fan welding with ultrasonic.

III-2. Central Console System Parts:

  A. Central Console Bracket punching by ultrasonic;

  B. Central Console Bracket assembly processing by ultrasonic staking/heat stacking / vibration welder

  C. Center console Power Outlet Bracket welding by ultrasonic;

  D. Central Console IP Cover welding by ultrasonic;

  E. Central Console Thinsulation Pad welding by ultrasonic;

  F. Central Console Armrest Soft surface cover trimming with ultrasonic cutter.

  G. Steering Column Upper welding by ultrasonic stacking;

III-3. Door Parts:

  A. Door inner trim assembly processing with ultrasonic stacking/heat stacking;

  B. Door Sound Insulation Cotton spot welding by ultrasonic;

  C. Door Control Panel assembly processing with ultrasonic.

III-4. Others Parts:

  A.  Soundproof Carpet Spot welding with ultrasonic;

  B.  Trunk Racket welding with ultrasonic;

  C. Truck welding with vibration;

  D. Ceiling trimming with robot ultrasonic;

  E. Sun Visor welding with ultrasonic;

  F. Reading Light welding by ultrasonic;

  G. Trunk Light welding with ultrasonic;

  H. Speaker Bracket / Net welding with ultrasonic.

IV-Exterior Parts

IV-1.  Front Gille

    A. Front Grille welding with ultrasonic;

B. Cargo Logo welding by ultrasonic;

IV-2. Front / Rear Finder Line

A. Radar Hole punching with cold knife / ultrasonic;

        B. Radar Bracket welding with ultrasonic;

IV-3. Lamps:

A. Fog Lamp welding with vibration welder / ultrasonic welder / laser;

B. Mirror Lamp welding with ultrasonic / vibration welder / laser;

C. High Level Brake Lamp welding with ultrasonic / vibration welder // laser;

D. Tail Light welding with vibration welder / hot plate welder / laser;

E. Reflector welding with ultrasonic / laser;

F. Plate Light welding with ultrasonic / laser;

IV-4. Spoiler spot welding with ultrasonic;

IV-5. Wheel Fender welding with ultrasonic;

IV-6. Tie cutting by ultrasonic.

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