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Technology Application in Garment Industry

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        Cloths, trousers, shoes, caps, etc, are essential to every people in our lives. Now it is a fashion society, all people like beauty, beautiful garment takes up our eyesight mostly. But garment now is not only fashion, but also in functional features, protection against the cold, windproof, anti-UV, rainproof, etc. Various changing aesthetics and differential function requirement by clients , as well as the fast updated replacement in fashion styles and material, makes it can not meet the garment production demands by traditional procedure, especially besides seaming sewing arts and cold cutting is far from enough demand by garment production. MP Sonic now provide garment production with seamless sewing technology and non-cold cutting arts, applying ultrasonic principle or others thermoplastic jointing principle.

Ultrasonic principles applied in garment industry included but not limited as below for examples:
I.Ultrasonic spot welding: applies ultrasonic spot welding to attached two cloths together or decoration to cloth. Ultrasonic Spot Welding on Bra

II.Ultrasonic spot seal: mostly it apply to seal decoration to cloth, shoes, caps, gloves, etc, especially such as plastic rhinestone as below image.ultrasonic rhinestone sealing

III.Ultrasonic sewing / Sealing: this is the most application of ultrasonic technique applied in garment production. It applies ultrasonic energy with rolling operation on cloth to form sewing or sealing by ultrasonic welding principle.

IV.Ultrasonic Lacing: it is apply ultrasonic system working with cutting roller performing on fabric to cut patterns and form decoration for garment. During cutting, ultrasonic energy will seal fabric fiber together at the cutting edge, forming sealed edge with no loose in neat and soft, which can not achieve by cold cutting or heating.ultrasonic Lacing

V.Ultrasonic roller cutting / bonding/Slotting: it is a extended application of ultrasonic lacing. Mostly applied to hold on cloth for pocket zipper.Ultrasonic slotting

VI.Ultrasonic knife cutting / punching: it is mostly applied to cut fabric is designed shape in sealed edge.Ultrasonic Cutting

The most technique and equipment is applied by included by not limited as below:

Ultrasonic Underwear BondingI.Underwear / Underpants ultrasonic cutting & bonding

Ultrasonic bondingII.Sport-wear ultrasonic sealing, cutting, bonding and vertical pressing welding

Ultrasonic slottingIII.Windbreaker / Winter Clothes, ultrasonic welding, cutting, slotting, etc

Surgical Gown Ultrasonic SewingIV.Insulation gown ultrasonic sewing / bonding (SMS)

Ultrasonic SealingV.Shoes vamp, insole / decoration ultrasonic welding / high-frequency welding

Ultrasonic LaceVI.Garment Decoration ultrasonic welding, ultrasonic lacing, etc

Ultrasonic LabellingVII.Label ultrasonic cutting

Note: the above images are downloaded from internet for illustration reference purpose only.

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