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Technology Application for Human Care Production Industry

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Human health can be the most importance in the now days topic, because of pollution and as while the imorovement of demand of human's living and working, etc. The more and more industries concerned to human care is coming out.

I. Medical Consumable Industry

  To medical consumable products, the most important requirement is clean with no pollution to products and precision control. The application of technology mostly included but not limited:

I-1. Fabric Converting Line processed consumable products applied ultrasonic sealing or heat sealing, Such as medical mask making, surgeon cap ultrasonic processing, ice bag making by ultrasonic and heat sealing line, surgeon gown made by ultrasonic sewing and hot air bonding, wound dress / bondage material sealing / puncturing by ultrasonic, etc. The equipment applies seals different fabric layers or films together by ultrasonic, high-frequency or heat sealing, etc.

  This kinds of products requests high process efficiency, soft process result for comfortable feeling and some time airtight in sealing.

I-2. Membranes, connectors, adaptors, filters, etc,  ultrasonic welding / laser welding in precision control. This kind of products normally requests welding in airtight and strength. No pollution is allowed after process.

I-3. Medical applied instrument or functional elements welding by ultrasonic or laser. Products welding requests strength & clean, and some products request leak-proof after welding. It also requests protect the outlook of products from trace of pressure or scratching.

II. Labor Care Consumer Industry

II-1. Dust Aspiration Maskglove, etc, ultrasonic sealing with airtight and strength process results. Normally the trace of pressing or scratching is allowed on products surface after welding.

II-2. Gas Mask: mask shell ultrasonic/laser welding, filter ultrasonic / IR welding, etc. It normally requests welding in air-tightness;

    II-3. Searchlight Ultrasonic Welding requests high welding strength and air-tightness.

III. Hygiene Industry

    For hygiene consumer products, we provide equipment for seal layers together or cut layers into shape of products in neat edge. It normally requests process in high speed with good process result, which requests ultrasonic system in high performance. The comfortable wearing feeling and clean is the most to this kind of products. Ultrasonic system for this products requests no complex features, but requests stability, duration and high power output to ensure normal continuous production.

III-1. hygiene

Adult hygiene and baby hygiene requests ultrasonic sealing to form different material layers together to perform soft sealing ensuring comfortable wearing.

    III-2. Ladies Sanitary Napkin:

Seal different layers together in to shape by ultrasonic to perform soft and comfortable feeling;

    III-3. Cosmetics and personal Health care products.

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