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Technology Applied in House Appliance Industry

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In now days living, the house hold appliance as the essential products for our lives, is updated faster and faster. It is not just more and more styles or new products come out in short period, but also the requirement to products quality, outlook and performance is higher and higher, thus the traditional assembly art not can no longer meet the requirement of the market.

To fit for the developing demand of the market, iBORTECH | MP Sonic keep improve in providing with various technology involving welding and cutting for the production of house hold appliance, especially for its assembling, because of its advantages of high efficiency, air-tightness and strange strength.

Ibotech provides equipment and technical service for home appliance industry including but not limited as below described:

I. WasherSpin Welding to Washing Machine

    I-1. Whasher Drum Spin Welding;

    I-2. Balance Ring Spin Welding or Hot Plate Welding;

    I-3. Operation Panel Ultrasonic Welding or Heat Stacking;

    I-4. Water Manifold Vibration Welding or Hot Plate Welding / Infrared Welding;

    I-5. Motor Rotor wiring by Ultrasonic Metal Welding.

II. Toilet Lid

II-1 Toilet Seat Ring Vibration welding

II-2 Operation Panel Ultrasonic Welding.

III. TV Seat

    III-1. Screen Branker Vibration Welder;

    III-2. Element Bracket Ultrasonic Welding.

IV. Refrigerator

    IV-1. Operation Panel Ultrasonic Welding / Heat Stacking;

    IV-2. Condenser Pipe Ultrasonic Sealing & Cutting.

V. Air Conditioner

    V-1. Condenser Pipe Ultrasonic Sealing & Cutting;

    V-2. Cross Fan Ultrasonic Welding;

    V-3. Filter / Drying Tank Ultrasonic / Spin Welding;

    V-4. Electronic Bracket Ultrasonic Welding / Heat Stacking.

VI. Water Purifier

VI-1. Filter Tanks Welding Spindle / Laser /Ultrasonic;

    VI-2. Pressure Tank Vibration Welding / Spin Welding;

    VI-3. Water Manifold by Infrared;

    VI-4. Pump Welding by Spindle / Ultrasonic.

VII. Computer & Printer

VII-1. Screen Housing Vibration Welding;

VIII-2. Ink Tank Ultrasonic Welding;

    VII-3. Toner Cartridge Ultrasonic Welding.

VIII.Others such as Juicer, Vacuum Cleaner, etc

In house appliance industry, because huge various of products, the application of our technique equipment is very wide, mostly as ultrasonic welding, laser welding and hot plate welding, such as:

VIII-1. Juicer Drum Ultrasonic Welding / Spin Welding;

VIII-2. Dust Tank Ultrasonic Welding / Hot Plate Welding;

VIII-3. Shower head ultrasonic welding or hot plate welding;

VIII-4. LED lamp laser welding.

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