About Us

iBortech is devoted into professional studying the actual demand & requirement of customer to conclude the most suitable machinery solution for customer production procedure. Our main business is in the filed of plastic joining, cutting assembly, metal cutting and welding, as well as related automation art, etc, including ultrasonic welding & cutting application, linear vibration friction welding application, electrical heating welding application means hot platen or IR welding, laser cutting and welding, spin friction jointing, etc.
Our technical solution is widely applied in various field, such as automotive manufacturing, automotive elements manufacturing, house-appliance manufacturing, electronics manufacturing, top making, medical & human-care consumable products production, food process and packing process, aviation elements manufacturing, etc.
To ensure the production stability and to reach the most economical cost to industrial production, we mostly realize the solution by equipment modular & standardization design, parts / elements mass manufacturing or purchase. The solution and equipment we proposed to you might not in the lowest or the highest price or in the most advanced or the most disadvanced feature, but should be the best suitable for your need.

  • Ultrasonic Welding Machine
  • Vibration Welding Machine
  • Hot Plate & Infrared Welding Machine
  • Ultrasonic Garment Equipment
  • NW Converting Equipment
  • Spin Welding Machine
  • Heat Staking Machine
  • Vibration Welding Tooling

Ultrasonic Welding Machine

Ultrasonic welding machine can be distinguished into ultrasonic plastic welder and ultrasonic metal welder.Ultrasonic plastic welder means applied to joint plastic parts in different thermoplastic material, while ultrasonic metal welders means applied to joint metal parts, especially for metal wire/cable and line terminal, etc.   Read more

Vibration Welding Machine

        Linear vibration welding is widely applied in different manufacturing industries because of its advantages of high welding capacity, excellent operation performance and efffective equipment investment   Read more

Hot Plate & Infrared Welding Machine

Both hot plate welding & IR (Infrared) welding is procedure of thermoplastic heating joining procedure. Hot platen welding mostly applied as contacting thermoplastic welding which normally can be driven by pneumatic, servo motor and hydraulic, while infrared welding is a kind of non-contacting thermoplastic welding which mostly control jig action by servo motors only for fast motion and high motion co   Read more

Ultrasonic Garment Equipment

iBortech designs and supplies machinery equipment for garment production including ultrasonic sewing / lace machine, ultrasonic cutting machine, ultrasonic spot welding machine, ultrasonic welding machine, as well as related moulds such as ultrasonic horn, ultrasonic cutting tooling, ultrasonic roller, etc.

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NW Converting Equipment

iBORTECH designs and supplies machinery solution for the production of products made of non-woven fabric or similar material, with the application of procedure of ultrasonic welding or cutting, heat sealing, gluing, folding, cutting or punching, etc, maximum achieving automation with different conveying design in need.

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Spin Welding Machine

Spin Welders applies rotation to generate friction between two plastic halves in round shape under pressure and finish plastic joining. It is in advantages of high working efficiency and high welding ability.
The welding rotation spindle normally can be controlled by electrical motors or pneumatic motors (mostly is electrical motor controlled).    Read more

Heat Staking Machine

IBORTECH | MP Sonic designs heat staking machine in b   Read more

Vibration Welding Tooling

Vibration welding tooling, means fixtures applies for vibration welding, which act the function of holding & positioning during vibration welding. Vibration welding tooling should be designed as per the requirement as well as the design of plastic parts to be welded. Vibration welding tooling   Read more


Application Industries


To automotive manufacturing, we provide cutting & welding to automotive parts production for both exterior parts and interior parts, with our technology in ultrasonic system application, friction welding, hot plate or infrared welding, laser system application, as well as automation system and intelligent system.

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Appliance Industry

We provide technical solution for home appliance making especially for washer, water dispenser, toilet seat, air-conditioner, refrigerator, juicer, etc, mostly by ultrasonic plastic / metal welding, vibration welding, spin welding, laser welding, etc, with the advantages of easy operation, high operation efficiency and air-tightness.

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Instruments Industry

We provide machinery solution for the making human-care production, such as for face mask, medical appliance, daily health care consumable or related packing, applying the technique in material processing and intelligent controlling, offering standardized machinery or customized proposed line for customers.

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Because of the advantages of ultrasonic technique applied for garment making as well as the more and more popular of chemical fiber cloth used for garment, US machines is now essential for garment making. We provide US machinery for sewing / lacing/cutting/sloting/ welding/spot welding/labeling/slitting, etc.

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Our Manufacturing Facilities

We have machine manufacturing factory in Wenzhou Named as Zhenbo Precision Machinery, Ultrasonic System in Korean Named as MP SONIC, Ultrasonic Machine Factory in Rean Named as Aoneng. We arrange manufacturing of equipment at our different factory basing on actual condition of order requirement standard, to ensuring the best solution to customers.

Customer Satisfaction

We analyze customer actual needs in time to propose solution to meet customer requirement the best, providing the best machine performance in the most economic cost, satisfying clients with the best quality in stability and with the fastest response in service process.

Our Future Plans

We are setting international group company aiming value our brand name famous for its professional in solution proposing for industrial assembling and the global service ability. We have set our R & D centers in China and Korean to keep our technology improving ahead of the world. We are aiming to be top3 in the world in our industrial field.